The RV Adventure: Cape Breton Island

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Courtesy of Go RVing, 6 of us (me, The Poor Sod, Christopher, Ari, my sister Roz and her husband Daryl) headed east this summer. 31 feet of RV, sometimes on roads we pretty much needed both sides to drive on, trying our best not to kill each other as we navigated in wholly new territory. Never even camped before. Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The kids were looking for Ricky and Julian, but instead, here area Christopher and Daryl, the Beachcombers... This thing was big enough to stuff the boys' bikes underneath. When we stopped for the night, they'd take off riding. Almost every picture I have features Ari hanging out a window. Not far from Moncton, N.B. Had great lobster (Ari ate his and most of Christopher's, as well). Life in the Park takes a little adjusting (I know, I know, we were hardly roughing it), but every night having a fire is pretty wonderful. You send the kids off to round up wood, watch your sister make dinner, and just kick back and relax.
Moncton. They didn't know why those crazy Ontarians were taking a picture of their door... Sure, they could have watched TV. But Ari and The Poor Sod elected to catch up on the classics instead. This is the bedroom at the back of the unit. Queen sized bed, lots of storage, windows all around. Kitchen, gas stove, great sized fridge. When you've stopped (and yes, you have to be in park - the kids tested it), you hit two buttons and the sides pop out. They're called sliders, and you get an amazing amount of room. That's a flat screen tucked up to the right.
Yup. Great camping experience. The End.