The Porsche International Road Show

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Got to drive every one. The Targa 4S - screaming my head off at 225km/hr. I know, I know, that hardly sounds professional. But the rush is unbelievable, and being able to do it on a track as great as Mosport is amazing. No tickets. This Cayman S has pocketed seats that you are literally thrown into. Fast, fast car. It feels a little sacrilege making a Cayenne do some of the things we were doing. One part of the track was so washed out we were literally hanging onto interior handles and slamming down huge sand ruts. Baby took it all, with amazingly good grace.
I actually rode out to the off-road course in the back of this, squished on top of all the equipment. This is the 2008 Cayenne used in the Trans Siberian Rally. Laurance Yap, who used to be a colleague at the Star Wheels section, now works for Porsche. He drove this in the rally. His blood type is painted on the driver's side door. I always wanted to do a rally. Until I saw that. 'Me? You're gonna let me drive this?'