The Mercedes E Class Cabriolet Adventure

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This is the view from my room at the St. Regis. Spain is quite nice. This is the Mediterranean. I looked out on this and sighed. The maid looked at the mess I'd made of my room within ten minutes, and she sighed too. At the hotel, they keep a display of the E Class Mercedes. The Cabriolet is nearest in this shot. You can also see the first three introduced, the 4- door Sedan, the 2- door Coupe, and the Wagon. Some hotels have dishes of mints in the lobby. Here, they have Mercedes. My co-driver and I purposely went off the GPS route and found this cool tiny, tiny village. The roads were so narrow, and the buildings built (a billion years ago) so close to the road that you have to do a three (or five) point turn just to go around the corner. Now, my editor would have totally ditched this pic, because of the lady standing at the back. I totally included it, because her face was priceless. She was wondering how these idiot tourists were gonna get their fancy car out of that alleyway. We backed it up. This is a diesel 350 - purred. And great, steady power on grades. Too bad we can't get it in Canada. This is the Golf Club Son Gual on Mallorca. If you are a golfing type person, you would suck in your breath and say 'oh, my'. We were allowed to golf if we wanted. I don't golf. I did let them talk me into a little lunch, however.
Interior of the 350. You can see the Aircap full extended - it funnels some of the wind up and over the car. You can also see the GPS, which lies. Found this old barn driving out in the country. Knew if would be a perfect backdrop, so I drove the car down an old weird driveway and got it lined up.</p><br /><br />
<p>Did you know that when a man on a tractor drives up and yells at you in Spanish 'You aren't allowed to be here!', it doesn't even matter than you don't speak Spanish? Guess it's the universal language of trespassing. Now, this won't make a lick of sense to anyone who doesn't know me, but somehow I just intuitively knew that packing a tiara was the right thing to do. Sunrise on the final morning. This is a beautiful part of the world, and well worth the 3 flights it took to get there.
The E550. Now, this baby moves. Gorgeous car and powerful. When you're hanging out with a couple of other women journalists, it's easy to get a pic like this. We humour each other.. No, where it gets tough is when you ALL want to be in the picture. A lovely doorman at the hotel took this shot. And in case you were wondering, this is how three different papers get along. Famously. Petrina is with the G&M, and Lesley is with the Toronto Sun.</p><br /><br />
<p>Oh, and on the first day when all the cars were lined up, there was a single red one. I, of course, wanted the red one. Editors like pics of red cars. But it was snapped up by some Brazilian journo right away, so I just had to pout. But for the second day, my driving partner and I snagged the reservation on it. This made us very happy.</p><br /><br />
<p>Then we found out we had different flight times, so I actually had to be up and out an hour earlier. Petrina, Lesley and I snagged the red 550 - I reasoned that half the reservation had been mine, and, well, you snooze you lose. I didn't see Grant again until the final flight home. I ducked. Palma is a port city. I'd put in a little map, but I don't know how. When you look at a world map, find Spain. Now. Just to the right is the island of Mallorca (also spelled Majorca). That's where we were. The downtown runs along the harbour - over a few kilometres, the boats go from little fishing rigs to giant yachts. It was about 21C when we were there during the day, and the people are out, out, out. Parks were filled, streets were bustling, and the people were terrific. You can ask anyone to take a pic for you, and they don't steal your camera and run away.</p><br />
<p>Gorgeous, gorgeous country. Thank you, Mercedes. Palma de Mallorca Cathedral. Takes up several city blocks. Construction started in 1230, finished in 1601. And I complain that my front hallway has been in progress since December. We went inside - for 4 euros, you can walk around. But the place is packed. Bus tours are disgorging hundreds of people every hour. The stained glass inside is spectacular, as are all the small faithful people I kept bumping into. I felt like a blonde Amazon.