Tackling A Mountain With A 2012 Mini (Pictorial)

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We didn’t have as much snow as we would have liked (it was only December in Austria, where they practically invented snow), but where there’s a Mini, there’s a way. This is me, as we did some climbing on tight courses. Car stuck like glue. Unless you tried to spin in intentionally. And I would never do that. Nope. This is downtown Innsbruck, a week before Christmas. It’s like a fairy land, so, so beautiful. The town, site of the 1976 Olympics, is nestled in the Alps. Even in December, big outdoor markets flourished. This store is done up like an advent calendar. BMW had set up outdoor activities for us – we tobogganed down the side of the mountain after dinner one night. And if you’re going to make it down the side of a mountain, already a little tipsy, you better believe they’ll have an outdoor bar set up for us. These blocks of ice with model Mini’s suspended in them reminded me of when my mom used to make jello salad. But she never suspended cars in them. Might have eaten it if she had.
The Flying Finn, Rauno Aaltonen. What a ride I had with him, screaming down the side of an icy mountain. The man is still, at 73, a brilliant driver. I left the car holding the armrest to prove it. They had these brew stations set up for us at each course. Stuff tasted nasty, but it looked so neat.