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I’m not moody, I’m just thinking

I am mulling. It’s become a lost art. If you publish something about anything, you have to do it immediately, before someone beats you to it. People who write about TV or film have to write before they’ve even watched … Continue reading

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Handywoman’s ego: Some assembly required

I have been in urgent need of a free-standing linen cabinet for my bathroom. I’ve urgently needed one for the two years that have passed since the bathroom was renovated. A year ago I handed the task to my sister, … Continue reading

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While Mom’s away, the cat gets lost

I was away recently for work, and the trip took a Gilligan turn: I was away longer than anticipated. I decided to check in with the kids, which I rarely do. I usually ignore them if it’s only a few … Continue reading

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What lies beneath the iceberg of social media

How much could someone find out about you, even if you’ve never met? Should you care? I don’t mean the famous or infamous. I mean private people, everyday people. When meeting someone new, small talk isn’t really small at all. … Continue reading

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Your secrets are safe from your kids, until they compare notes

I nearly flipped right past the perfume ad in the magazine. I don’t wear perfume, and when those little samples explode I get a headache. If the Internet has been good for nothing else, it has saved migraine sufferers a … Continue reading

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The Brownie Pledge never included peeing on someone’s front step

I was a Brownie for one year. I was 7. I tell you this because the only time I remember is when I see a woman wearing a scarf that’s tied at the neck and I saw one last night. … Continue reading

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Sometimes, you can go home again

Thomas Wolfe told me I can’t go home again, but I’m still where I started 50 years ago. I know what he meant; I’m not the same even if the house is, and too many of the people who formed … Continue reading

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Nobody wants to end their life: they want to end the pain

Since telling you 5 years ago that I live with bipolar disorder, I’ve said little else about it. I’m noisy and public, but Motherlode is about my life and being bipolar is merely one facet of it. In the days … Continue reading

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What have you done with my Special K?

They changed my Special K. When I’m not at home, I have what I consider to be an adventurous enough palate. When I travel, I look for local specialties, even when it’s a raw scallop, cooked reindeer or something called … Continue reading

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Why every nursing home should have frozen yogurt

“Did you know we can’t stay in the same nursing home together?” Christopher, 22, and his girlfriend Pammy, also 22, were having a discussion in the living room as I worked in the kitchen. I heard her say this, and … Continue reading

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