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It was an awful lot of work for five tomatoes

Weeds rush in where tomatoes fear to flourish, it would seem. This year’s garden has been a dismal failure. When I was seven, I planted four apple seeds about four inches apart. I assured Dad I would move them before … Continue reading

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Lightening the Motherlode; two kids move out

When I say to friends it would be lovely to have an empty house, they all shake their head sadly and tell me to be careful what I wish for. “You’ll miss them when they’re gone, and it happens so … Continue reading

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Wonder if the Pink Panther ever got this itchy

I have given actual thought to what I would use a time machine for. Assuming I could redirect a path I’d chosen, what would it be? There have been bad fashion choices, some questionable purchases, maybe the degree program I … Continue reading

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First, do no harm. Why political candidates need a Hippocratic Oath

Who goes into politics? I mean that in all seriousness. I started to get into this discussion with an acquaintance – again – and backed out of it – again. I’m just too cynical. I’ve always been a proponent of … Continue reading

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And a small dog shall lead the way

It has been a summer of chaos around here, with best laid plans being nudged this way and that, and the fall doesn’t promise to deliver much serenity. Kids who thought they’d be out (and taking a dog with them) … Continue reading

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The new cat’s first road trip. Epic fail.

I quietly announced I was sneaking back to the cottage for a few days. Because of work schedules, I was forced to go alone which meant there would be nobody to cook for, no wet towels to pick up, no … Continue reading

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I’m going to need to see some I.D.

In recent years, many of the small country general stores in areas around our cottage have started selling beer and wine and liquor. This is a godsend; there is nothing worse than trying to justify a half hour trip – … Continue reading

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Can a kid use a Visa wisely? Giving credit where it’s due

“I’ve applied for a Visa card,” said Ari, 20. “I have to pay my tuition, and I think I should do it myself this time.” Credit card companies start sending applications to kids while they’re still in high school. I … Continue reading

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Seasonal depression: clean up on aisle one

In a couple of months, around mid-October or so, my shrink will raise one of her perfect eyebrows just slightly and wait for me to say what we both know. It might be time to do your annual meds tweaking, … Continue reading

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Every house needs a bag of googly eyes and a psychic mother

When Ari, 20, and his girlfriend got to the cottage, I greeted them in the usual way. “Did you remember your toothbrushes?” They hadn’t, and I tossed them two new ones I’d brought along for precisely this purpose. I’m not … Continue reading

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