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Sometimes, you can go home again

Thomas Wolfe told me I can’t go home again, but I’m still where I started 50 years ago. I know what he meant; I’m not the same even if the house is, and too many of the people who formed … Continue reading

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Nobody wants to end their life: they want to end the pain

Since telling you 5 years ago that I live with bipolar disorder, I’ve said little else about it. I’m noisy and public, but Motherlode is about my life and being bipolar is merely one facet of it. In the days … Continue reading

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What have you done with my Special K?

They changed my Special K. When I’m not at home, I have what I consider to be an adventurous enough palate. When I travel, I look for local specialties, even when it’s a raw scallop, cooked reindeer or something called … Continue reading

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Why every nursing home should have frozen yogurt

“Did you know we can’t stay in the same nursing home together?” Christopher, 22, and his girlfriend Pammy, also 22, were having a discussion in the living room as I worked in the kitchen. I heard her say this, and … Continue reading

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The gift that costs nothing can be handed down and lasts forever

An unseen neighbour was in his yard yesterday, doing gardening things, I assume. Our yards and houses are surrounded by thick, high hedges, and I could tell you many details of the families who live behind them but I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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You can live a lie, but you can’t outrun the truth

When I bought bunk beds for the cottage 20 years ago, I found some made with fat metal tubing that I reasoned would be strong enough for energetic boys yet streamlined enough to fit in small rooms. All was fine … Continue reading

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Taking stock of a wayward dock

Our dock keeps running away from home. We’ve needed a new dock at the cottage for several years. Wood deteriorates, and wood being mangled in the thick ice that heralds winter in cottage country is facing a lofty foe. We … Continue reading

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Maybe being successful really is just child’s play

When I moved back into this house, a small boy directly across the street was nearly bursting with excitement. “They have a kid my age!” His mother told me this, years later, as we watched that little boy and his … Continue reading

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Legally hobbling women: way to go, Hobby Lobby

Not even the suffocating humidity of late can snuff out the chill blowing from the south; when we talk about the winds of change, we usually think we’re going forward. Not if you’re the Supreme Court of the United States. … Continue reading

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Cats run the Internet because cats run everything

When it comes to kids and vets and pets, I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t. A couple of times a year now, Maggie the Cat will go off her feed. Instead of simply saying “can … Continue reading

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