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So that’s where I left the hose: spring comes to town

I bet you’re happy to see the snow melt. I’m not. That snow has been hiding a lot of things I didn’t want to think about, and now must. I was out closing the shed doors one afternoon because the … Continue reading

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Chores, gender and the myth of the work/Life balance

A study recently released by the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) took a look at the mystical work/life balance of people in the 34 countries among its membership, including Canada. This respected multinational organization has spent 50 years … Continue reading

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Making room for the new kid

We have a new kitten. Well, technically she’s about 10 months old now, but next to Maggie and JoJo – 13 and 11 years respectively – she still has her pin feathers. She is beyond adorable, an explosion of energy … Continue reading

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Why will I age gracefully? Because I’m too lazy to fight it

My eyelids do a funny thing now. If I put on eye shadow and don’t arch my eyebrows in comic disbelief, the whole eyelid itself moves with the brush; there is no smooth sweep of colour happening, as the ads … Continue reading

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The interview: education, work history, hobbies…bad habits?

If you saw an ad containing the phrases “non- smokers only” or “non-smokers preferred”, you’d probably think you were perusing a dating site, or maybe rental housing. What if it was, in fact, a job listing? A recent article in … Continue reading

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The Sommerfeld method of counting sheep. A little stinkier, but more effective

I planted this year’s garden last night. Really. It took a long time, but I was methodical and careful, making sure to correct last year’s mistakes, while still experimenting with some new vegetables. I even put in a small herb … Continue reading

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Maybe not large, but still in charge

When Christopher, now 22, was about 15, I noticed a change in his behaviour toward me. Already towering over me, he’d amble past and catch me in a bear hug. With my feet high over the floor, he’d laugh and … Continue reading

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Winner takes all: moth holes in the social fabric

I make deals with myself I know I can’t keep, always safe in the knowledge that I can move the goalposts or at least send the details into the fog and pretend I wasn’t too clear on the rules. The … Continue reading

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How to stay married for 40 years: take her tea

For nearly 40 years, my father brought my mother a cup of tea in bed every morning. “I can’t open my eyes until I’ve had my first cup of tea,” she would say, and I believed her. We would fight … Continue reading

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Since when is paying for a newspaper a new idea?

You’ve probably noticed more errors lately in papers you read and websites you visit. Nobody wants these errors to occur, let alone make it to a reader’s eyes. I feel a small stab when I read a typo that’s been … Continue reading

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