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Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys

I found a man in Oatman, Arizona, who sang me a song as he sat on the deck of the Oatman Hotel. Oatman is a tourist trap, a corny dusty street lined with places with names like Jackass Junction and … Continue reading

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Sexual assault builds its own prisons – for the victims

Jian Gomeshi is finally the household name he already fancied himself to be, but for all the wrong reasons. As I write this, nine women have come forward relating their nightmares of being choked and punched by the man while … Continue reading

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Would you want to know what your genes predict?

I went to a psychic once. For $100 (ask the twenty-something me, not the me before you), I learned lots of benign things that made for good dinner conversation in the following years. Now for just twice that amount, I … Continue reading

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Yoga: quiet time with my to-do list

I have never taken a yoga class in my life. I always believed I would be too loud, too impatient, too snarky to channel my inner Zen while folding myself like a piece of origami. Sometimes you have to slough … Continue reading

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Can’t get your kid off their phone? It’s your fault

Tired of only seeing the top of your kid’s head every time you’re at the dinner table or in the car? Wondering what text conversation could possibly be more important than a family dinner or some one-on-time with Mom or … Continue reading

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I’m not moody, I’m just thinking

I am mulling. It’s become a lost art. If you publish something about anything, you have to do it immediately, before someone beats you to it. People who write about TV or film have to write before they’ve even watched … Continue reading

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Handywoman’s ego: Some assembly required

I have been in urgent need of a free-standing linen cabinet for my bathroom. I’ve urgently needed one for the two years that have passed since the bathroom was renovated. A year ago I handed the task to my sister, … Continue reading

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While Mom’s away, the cat gets lost

I was away recently for work, and the trip took a Gilligan turn: I was away longer than anticipated. I decided to check in with the kids, which I rarely do. I usually ignore them if it’s only a few … Continue reading

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What lies beneath the iceberg of social media

How much could someone find out about you, even if you’ve never met? Should you care? I don’t mean the famous or infamous. I mean private people, everyday people. When meeting someone new, small talk isn’t really small at all. … Continue reading

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Your secrets are safe from your kids, until they compare notes

I nearly flipped right past the perfume ad in the magazine. I don’t wear perfume, and when those little samples explode I get a headache. If the Internet has been good for nothing else, it has saved migraine sufferers a … Continue reading

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