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Taking stock of a wayward dock

Our dock keeps running away from home. We’ve needed a new dock at the cottage for several years. Wood deteriorates, and wood being mangled in the thick ice that heralds winter in cottage country is facing a lofty foe. We … Continue reading

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Maybe being successful really is just child’s play

When I moved back into this house, a small boy directly across the street was nearly bursting with excitement. “They have a kid my age!” His mother told me this, years later, as we watched that little boy and his … Continue reading

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Legally hobbling women: way to go, Hobby Lobby

Not even the suffocating humidity of late can snuff out the chill blowing from the south; when we talk about the winds of change, we usually think we’re going forward. Not if you’re the Supreme Court of the United States. … Continue reading

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Cats run the Internet because cats run everything

When it comes to kids and vets and pets, I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t. A couple of times a year now, Maggie the Cat will go off her feed. Instead of simply saying “can … Continue reading

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How can my kids be getting older if I’m not?

The transition is complete. I saw Ari, 19 walking up the driveway the other day and thought it was some man. I had to give my head a shake to realize it was my baby. Conversely, Christopher, 22, has been … Continue reading

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Tackling the loss from 18 years away

It’s a green metal box. The latch is a little wonky, and as you open it one hinge does most of the work, the other one pulling itself up like an old man exiting an easy chair. My Dad was … Continue reading

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With the Tories, it’s déjà vu all over again

I was a weird little kid, and took an early interest in politics. My Dad was a staunch Progressive Conservative from Saskatchewan. I wrote a fan letter to John Diefenbaker when I was 9. Told you I was weird. Debates … Continue reading

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Netflix allows me to have impure thoughts

Every few months or so, I barge around the house waving bills, deciding what we can live without. Hydro is a killer, but it’s followed closely by phone, internet, cable, gas and groceries. I stare at those lists you get … Continue reading

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Whatever kills me had better be prepared for a fight

I really thought I was done talking about my boobs. Three weeks ago, I told you I had a preventative double mastectomy. Family history with the disease is dubious, and I wasn’t taking any chances. All went well, and I’m … Continue reading

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Ask me how I know that dead skunks float

“I found a dead skunk”, said Ari, 19. The only good news was he was coming in from the yard and not out of his bedroom. Seems the poor critter had tumbled into a water-filled yard waste bin during the … Continue reading

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