Mercedes AMG: When Great Gets Even Better (Pictorial)

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Would I like to drive a line up of all the 2012 Mercedes AMGs at West Palm Beach raceway? Why yes, yes I would. This is the car everyone pants after – the SLS. It’s worth the panting. I make a big deal about brakes, often. I like brakes. I love great brakes. I am more concerned about 60 to zero than I am about zero to 60. If you think about it, that makes a ton of sense. Well, it does to me. These AMGs have some serious braking going on. Good thing: we were slamming them into the corners of that race track pretty hard.  Looks fast even just sitting there. I drove a Fiesta with the same colour combination, and a guest thought it looked like a Power Ranger had thrown up in it. Translates a little differently, somehow. I still like the solid interiors, but I wasn’t going to argue. There is always someone who knows where everything is. It is often some unassuming person nobody bothers to ask. This is Louis. Louis is the guy to find at West Palm Beach Raceway. Louis is king. I told him I’d hear there were alligators. He told me to hop in. If I told you how much crap was on the front seat of Louis’ truck, you’d die. I just kind of scrunched it all over and climbed in. When you’ve found the person who knows everything, you don’t let two decades of junk slow you down.
...and there’s my ‘gator. Louis went and got an entire apple pie to coax her out of the water so I could get a shot. Uhm, they move fast. I told Louis I didn’t need that close of a closeup. Apparently, there are 3 alligators that live at the track. And there are parts of the track where, if you go off, you don’t get out of your car. Now you know why. My favourite shot of the year. Louis (see how useful he is?) coaxed this heron around the car for me, so the sun would be on the right side. The guy is a veritable Dr. Doolittle, if Dr. Doolittle’s truck is full of old tools and fast food wrappers.