Key West

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This car is a looker. Before we hit the long, long causeway on the way to Key West, I wanted a pic with these gnarly trees. You aren't supposed to take pics with shadows all over. I don't care. These trees were straight out of Tolkien. My favourite colour with the Optima Turbo. We were told we could take stop to take pics against the backdrop of the ocean – on the other side of the road. I quietly snuck down on the opposite side, which dropped away on a deceptively steeper angle. Oops. I crept down carefully, using all my Land Rover skills. It was a driver change, so I tossed my partner the keys. He laughed and said 'you got it down here, you get it out'. It was worth it. My absolute favourite pic of the whole trip. That's Ernest Hemingway's house. Yeah, I love his work. Yeah, I know he was a misogynistic bastard. But he landed in Key West and stayed. This lady didn't seem to aware of any of that. Self explanatory. Across the street is the Six Toed Cat Variety. And restaurant. Hemingway may be long gone, but descendants of his famous six toed cats live on. I looked; I didn't see any.
It's the iconic shot, the mile marker to Cuba. The problem was getting the shot – and I'd been ordered to get the shot. We landed in Key West at about 4pm, which was great for light, but this marker is at the foot of a little tight street. You can't even turn around. When we got there, it was teeming with people. All over the road. There was no way I could get the car even close. So, I woke up at 6am and headed out in the dark, waiting for the sun to come up. While I was waiting, I stumbled upon this theatre. That's a full size statue of Marilyn Monroe. So, so cool. Chickens and roosters running around everywhere. This one was a snippy little guy, but let me get pretty close. He must be used to it. Key West is the craziest mix of spectacular music, converted cigar factories, fancypants hotels and the people who have lived there for generations. If you ever get the chance, go. Big cruise ships pull into the huge docks, and cruise type people all spill out. I didn't see Captain Stubing, but I did watch these birds as I ate dinner.