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Despite the stigma, many used car buyers aren’t deterred from purchasing recalled vehicles

Originally published: July 14, 2014 Would you buy a used car that has had a recall? How about one that has had multiple recalls? According to the Automobile Protection Association, Canada’s watchdog, you not only would, but you do – … Continue reading

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Embattled General Motors tries to buy back the public trust. But settlement could be 13 years too late

Originally published: July 7, 2014 GM is set to pay out at least $1-million for each death attributed to their faulty switches. They’ve finally worked out a formula calculating how much each person, now dead as a result of a … Continue reading

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Is your car blowing hot air? Getting at the root of the problem can be a costly and frustrating exercise

Originally published: June 30, 2014 Cars are awesome, until they’re not. I call it the absence of malice problem: I only notice something is wrong because I take for granted how often everything is right. Turn the key and go; … Continue reading

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These five tips are the only things you need to heed before hitting the road this summer

Originally published: June 23, 2014 The kids will be out of school in a week or two, and you will be deluged with list after list of how to get ready for a road trip. Whether the trip is for … Continue reading

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Driving my father up to the family cottage for the last time was an emotional ride for both of us

Originally published: June 13, 2014 If my Dad were alive he’d be 88, and I often wonder which 18 years, like notes on a piano keyboard, he would have willingly surrendered. Actually, I already know: none. He surrendered nothing willingly, … Continue reading

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If you want to fix the congestion crisis, you have to get at the root of the problem: Too many cars on the road

Originally published: June 9, 2014 I’m driving a car with “green” plates this week, a Ford C-Max Energi. It’s one of the few cars with enough headroom for my 6’4” son, and while the battery takes up most of the … Continue reading

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There’s nothing more embarrassing than admitting you can’t drive something because it’s a manual

Originally published: June 2, 2014 A reader once called me elitist because I said I preferred to drive cars with standard transmissions. I hadn’t said my preference made me smarter or kinder or more charming; I’d simply said it was … Continue reading

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Having a friend who owns a pickup truck can be a real blessing. Just make sure you don’t become the dreaded “pickup moocher”

Originally published: May 26, 2014 Andy Warhol promised everybody they would get their 15 minutes of fame. For those unaccustomed to the spotlight, it might get a little uncomfortable. But for one group of people, who don’t even have to … Continue reading

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10 Reasons I Want Willie Nelson’s Tour Bus

Originally published May 19, 2014 The vintage touring bus, which sold for $80,000, is like a time machine back to an era of headbands and wood panelling If my mom were still alive, she’d no doubt tell me to stay … Continue reading

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With insurance fraud rampant and bad driving becoming an epidemic, it’s no wonder so many are turning to dashboard cameras for protection

Originally published: May 12, 2014 What if we operated under the assumption that all of our actions were being recorded? No, not just when we find ourselves in the midst of yet another drunken stupor, but when we are doing … Continue reading

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