Off my feed

Been trying to work today, and it’s just not working. I have a bunch of stuff in the starting gate, and my new, overarching pet project that *should* be getting priority. It’s just not happening.

Warning: rant ahead.

There are days I wish for a job/career that doesn’t require my emotions to be dialed in. I’d like to be able to perform regardless of how much sleep I got, which cat peed in the clean laundry (JoJo, again, sigh), which kid needs what or what time the mailman showed up. Unfortunately, it seems everything I do is predicated on how I feeeeeeeeeeeel. Which sucks, when how I feeeeeeeeeeeel is blobby or off kilter.

Instead, I have this canopy collapse going on. And none of it is terminal, and for most people, not even blip-worthy. But for me, every little tweak is enough to send me off like in those astronaut movies where they have to make the exact connection in order to be returned to earth and they miss it by two inches. My life is being missed by two inches. In the movies, they always manage to make the connection. Yeah, not happening.

Like I said. I’m off my feed.

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5 responses to Off my feed

  1. Jmd says:

    Go check your email. It will make you smile, I GARE-UN-TEE!

  2. Oakville Wally says:

    I know how you feel. I have been there before – and so have many of your readers.

    Relax. Think of all the good things in your life. You are alive and breathing – you have wonderful kids. You have lots of people waiting to read your next article.

    I still remember our great trip to NF in winter. I talk about it often. And our fish and chip lunch. Love to do it again. Let me know. (M says hello – she has a new toothbrush waiting for you.)

  3. Padraig says:

    Just drop everything, kiddo, and go out and treat yourself to something nice – preferably involving an adult beverage of choice. Or new boots.

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