Well, that was a mistake

I made some mac and cheese. Homemade. I use old cheddar, then I grind tons of fresh pepper on top of it. I know. But, it’s awesome. So, I sat down to do some more work, with my bowl of guilt, and fresh tea. And as I was writing a column, I had to look up a question I had about mountain ranges. I ended up in Wikipedia and the Donner Party.

I didn’t finish my mac and cheese. I suggest if you’re having your lunch as you read this, you either don’t read it, or start your diet right now.

Moving right along…Lemon Aid Car Show starts its new season tonight! Can’t wait to be back working with Rogers and the APA, looks to be a good season. If you’re in the Toronto area and can get Rogers, tune in, call in, make me look smart, make me look dumb…

Oh, a knock on the door. This just arrived. And this is supposed to be a nice week. Think¬† I’ll get my work done early each day…

jag drop

Update: I just got off the phone with Roz. I told her I’d linked to the Donner Party story. I told her it was gruesome, which is just what she likes. She said “aren’t those the neighbours?”. I said “no, that’s the Hatfield and McCoys. But close.” Not at all close. And yes, it worries me that I knew exactly what she meant. I told her the Donner Party were the group of pioneers that got stranded heading west in the 1800s and had to eat each other to stay alive. Roz said, “No! Don’t tell me! You’ll spoil the ending!”

So, Spoiler Alert on something that happened in 1846.

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14 responses to Well, that was a mistake

  1. I am going to drive around Burlington until I find that car. Then I am going to park my sorry butt on your front steps and hold my breath until you take me for a spin.

    Or to Montreal and back.

    I’m all twitterpated.

    Oh… my father’s side of the family is directly descended from the McCoys. I have no idea how directly. Or if descended is a real word. But I am.

    So there.

    • Pat says:

      Not exactly the gene pool I’d want to be diving in, but hey you can’t choose your family. As far as the Jag goes, I hope it’s a V8. Possibly the only cat I’d want to have around the house.

      • Pat says:

        Oh, reminds me of the two cannibals sitting around a big pot over an open fire. One says,”You know, I hate missionaries.” The other replies, “Quit complaining and just eat the noodles.”

        • Kerry says:

          Weird trivia for 100 Alex .
          The Dyak head hunters of Borneo called white explorers , long pig . Eating a diet consisting of only people or rabbits can cause you to die of starvation .

      • David Taylor says:

        Yes it’s a V8. All 510 supercharged horsepower of it. Best driven in sport mode, set on dynamic. Sounds brilliant!

    • Padraig says:

      Chris, all their guns seem to be pointed directly at the gentleman on the far right of the group, who in turn seems to be standing in the sort of hands-across-the-pee attitude of soccer players forming a wall to block a penalty kick, which, when you come to think of it, is not a bad idea, if you ever plan to have descendents.

      • Zena says:

        I was just imagining the conversation that must have taken place between the gun-toting dudes just before they lined up for the portrait…

        Ned: Okay, boys, like we talked about afore, soon as the photographer snaps the photo, we pull the trigger.

        Ike: Hur, hur – steak and ribs aplenty for weeks!

        Jeb: I call first dibs on the sweet breads…

  2. The Artful Dodger says:

    In Seinfeld, while the gang is waiting for a table, the maitre’d says “Donner , party of five. No make that Donner party. Party of four!” Haven’t been on the site for a while. Spent most of the summer admiring the black and orange flowers all up and down both sides of Highway 400 all summer. They start in bloom in April and are still going full tilt in October! They seem to attract construction vehicles too.

  3. B1 says:

    Is Phil Edmonston associated with the Lemon-Aid program? I know he left the APA years ago. Had some good natters with him when I was writing an action line column a hundred years or so ago.

    And yeah, the Donners gave dining alfresco a whole new meaning.

    • Lorraine Lorraine says:

      Back in the day in its original incarnation, he was involved. He isn’t now. Thankfully. Yeah, I said it. This industry moves pretty quick these days. If you can’t keep up, you should hush yourself. She said, to nobody in particular….

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