Square Off Thursday

Co-hosting today.

Teachers, government, kids – what the hell just happened? Also, dreading your mail? Opened that Visa bill yet? And your local food bank needs you…because more of your neighbours need that food bank than ever before.

Join us on CHCH Channel 11 at 5:30.

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27 responses to Square Off Thursday

  1. This picture needs a good 1/2 hour show on it too. Who do I send it to, to suggest next weeks Square Off?

    Happy New Year. You’re welcome.

  2. Lorraine Lorraine says:

    Been waiting for you to show up…well, both of you. Somehow I knew that pic would just end up being a freefall off the cliff of good taste.

  3. DJW says:

    Sorry, missed the show.

    This Government Worker was out buying groceries with his VISA

  4. Yikes… I did not mean to trigger such a maelstrom (that may be a lie. You, too, can learn to polygraph me and find out… ONLINE!! Send $9.99 and two Fruit Loops boxtops today.) I would like to point out that photo was, in fact, posted right here, back on May 21, 2011 at 12:20 PM. For those following on a Kindle, that was a Saturday so she may have been into the third or fourth Gin and Tonic. We’re not entirely certain. I plead the fifth… and my own innocence.

    Thouroughly enjoyed the show last night. It’s the first time I’ve been able to watch (most) of one. When our daughters turned 16 we took them to the bank and got them their own credit card with a $300 limit. We had it, and their bank accounts linked electronically to ours so we could monitor the activity. We told them whenever they used the credit card they were to trundle right on home and transfer the money from their savings account to the credit card. And then we watched to make sure it happened. At 19 and 22 that is still how they manage their credit. They get the points from the cards, and they never even open the VISA bill when it comes in because it’s already paid off.

    I just hope it sticks.

    • Padraig says:

      I hope it does too. A few years ago my son – well past the age of discretion – ran up around $75 grand on a series of credit cards. I paid them off, set up a repayment schedule, which he started to follow religiously, and gave him some stern lectures about living within his limits.

      It obviously took root – he paid me back in record time.

      Oh, yes, that was after he won about CD$300,000 playing blackjack at a casino in Nassau.

      Parenthood – it’s a joy:-)

  5. DJW says:

    Note to WGJ:

    Isn’t time to replace the Santa Hat?

    Bunny ears and eggs?

    Or the pic CBNTF pulled in for Valentines Day (VD)

  6. DJW says:

    I digress…

    Is it too late for Cats and Computers?

    Perhaps it can be its own topic…


    • Lorraine Lorraine says:

      I will do a cats and computers blog tomorrow so everyone can pile in. I’m aware I am merely a launch pad so you lot can have a little party every day.

  7. DJW says:


    Little parties are fun!

    Big ones leave hangovers and messes and people sleeping in the bathtub!

  8. Beth says:

    Holy crap, you don’t check the blog for a day and this is what you get!

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