Carlo Rota whispers in my ear…

I’ve no doubt noted it in this endless march of blogs before, but I have a small TV in my kitchen. When it’s on (late afternoon or when I start dinner), I actually don’t watch it: I listen to it. News does not require my rapt attention, and you tend to notice good and bad anchors when you only listen to their voice and not be captured instead by excellent dewy makeup jobs. I have a problem with people who can’t pronounce the big words, no matter how handsome or pretty they are.

Anyway. A yogurt commercial came on the other day, and my ears perked up only like they do for car ads. It’s no secret that I would buy any car in the world from Jeff Bridges, Sam Elliott, Mike Rowe (even though I just found out he’s a Republican; why, Mke, why?!), Denis Leary or Donald Sutherland. What can I say. I like cars. Yeah, cars.

But back to yogurt. Carlo Rota. He’s the Dad on Little Mosque on the Prairie. I think he is very gorgeous, and when his voice came spilling out of my little TV, I was glad he was only telling me to buy yogurt because I was halfway out the door to buy whatever car he was selling. His voice is that great.

I would like Mr. Rota to continue acting in anything, but I also understand firsthand the appeal of jobs where you can just show up in your jammies. Therefore, I think the car companies should make haste to his doorstep (or however that works) and line him up.

Just don’t take away Jeff or Sam to do it. Thank you.

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24 responses to Carlo Rota whispers in my ear…

  1. Zena says:

    I once had a CRA administrator with a voice like that on the phone with me, trying (unsuccessfully) to unravel the confusion of our mixed-up GST account. I could have listened to him for hours. I wanted to call him back just to hear his voice. A government agent.

    • Jean van Loon says:

      3/9/13: I also agree Carlos Rota is very sexy and love his voice. Why has he not been in a love story with some erotism in???? JV.

  2. Lorraine Lorraine says:

    A man with great aural skills. Gotta love it.

  3. DJW says:

    As the owner of a voice for radio (and the face to match), I have had people swear I sounded taller/bigger/darker on the phone.

    MDB has had the same experience as a Police Dispatcher for years, many cops would call on the radio to do stuff that they could do from their cars, just to hear her voice. Her peers called it “976-CONTROL”

    Now we have fun picking out voices on TV ads; Tim Allen for GM, John Corbett for Walgreens and others.

  4. You keep bringing up more and more reasons why women find me repulsive. I hadn’t even thought of my voice before.


    And we know it’s all about me. Except no one else cares. Except my brother (pictured.) At least I got the brains in the family. He got the looks.

    • jmd says:

      Oh Chris, I am sure that you have a very sexy and melodious voice. I can hear it now – “Passengers, this is your pilot. Please assume crash positions, and thank you for flying with Grace L. Ferguson Airline (and Storm Door Co.)

  5. Lorraine Lorraine says:

    Oh. This is startng to look like the way I think I’m special. Until Roz gets here and says ‘Mom said ‘special’ you idiot, not special.’

  6. The Artful Dodger says:

    JMD, don’t be so hard on Chris Brown. The Grace L. Ferguson Airline isn’t that bad. They don’t have any non-stop flights though. The planes keep having to land to take on more firewood. That explains the black smoke coming out of the engines. And Chris, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself either. I’m more concerned about whether women find me repulsive or something. I grew this moustache/goatee thing for Mowvember and now I know what you get when you cross Don Cherry with Papa Smurf but I am posting no pictures. Lastly. There’s a saying in broadcasting school, “You’ve got a face for radio”.

  7. Roz says:

    Yeah, I’m here. You’re all real “special”. CB(NTF), your brother. Hubba Hubba. Can’t wait til we see the real CB.

  8. Kerry says:

    Roz has pilot fantasies ……..
    Who knew ?

  9. Kerry says:

    The reality is seldom as good as the fantasy . It’s like seeing a movie based on a favorite book . The movie gets everything wrong and seldom is as good . Good of CB to cure you of that (?) fantasy .

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