How I spent last Monday

And I mean all of Monday. I didn’t get home until 9pm. But, I learned how to do this: bodywork! Of course there’s video. Where theres a Clayton, there’s a video.

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Lemon Aid starts back Oct 21st!

We’ve moved to Wednesday nights on Rogers, available in most parts of Ontario. Still at 9pm, still live and answering all your calls. Can’t wait!


*I realize as I write this I haven’t blogged in ages. Eeez bizzy time of year. Sorry.

snoopy lucy frowning

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I can’t stop watching this

From Meghan Bouvet’s Vine…

“There are three kinds of drunks in a bar”

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You know you’ve cut the cable too far…

…when the only thing you can watch is Two and a Half Men or The Nature of Things: The Beaver Whisperers.

Actually, either of those might stretch my brain out a little. I’ve been working, but during my noodling around I stumbled over this, and the horror of that time came rushing back. How anyone could terrorize an entire region by killing people at total random is horrible. I came upon it as I read about charges being laid in someone recently shooting up freeways around Phoenix. The Washington murders were back in 2002; I can’t believe the things we can forget, somehow, and how nothing seems to change. Then again, it’s been nearly 3 years since the Sandy Hook murders, and that certainly changed attitudes and gun laws. Oh wait.

I can’t watch the debates on either side of the border. Canned speeches, rehearsed sound bites, empty promises and wait, my phone is ringing. Oh good christ. “I’m calling on behalf of Stephen Harper….” Are you kidding me? 5:08 on a Sunday. Way to kill my appetite.

I’m off to find out how you whisper to beavers.

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Oh, the humanity

Gonna work on Friday on a Habitat for Humanity project with Nissan. I volunteered in a heartbeat because I believe myself to possess excellent building skills. I believe this mostly because I
1. Own steel toed green patch boots
2. Own my own hard hat (navy, with my name on it) and
3. I worked on a construction site for several months and was so icked out by the bathrooms that the company got me my own. I was the only female, and I got this swanky sh*tter with hot water and everything. I guarded that key with my life.

So. Totally ready to build a house.

The biggest problem I’m having is that I bought a new ring but I mail ordered it and I had to jam it on to make it fit. It’s two rings in one, and one fits perfectly, the other not so much. Now I have to get it off and it hurts. The things I endure for my craft.

I actually took three years of wood shop in high school, and I took construction not the other one where you build bird houses. I loved it, and I was pretty good, except the days when I’d show up in heels or an inappropriate skirt and say I should probably just go to the caf with my friends. The two teachers I had, Mr. Crosthwaite and Mr. Woodley (I know, right?!) always agreed.

I’m supposed to have this car this week in a convertible, but somebody blew out the clutch last week. Too bad; the weather is perfect and I was going to scoot it down to Niagara. Ooooooooooooooooh well…..

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‘nother great read

It’s raining. What else you gonna do?

Read this. I know it’s long, but it’s worth it. Deep Sea Cowboys.

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Mike Nichols

Great read from some extraordinary voices about the late Mike Nichols. If you’re a movie buff, you’ll enjoy it. And, is my imagination or does Paul Simon always come out sounding like a dick?

I’ve always liked Steve Martin as a writer. This line clanged a whole buncha bells: “As we get older we either become our worst selves or our best selves”

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Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease let this election be over.

Justin Trudeau just called me. Personally. I hate when people call me. Seriously. The phone is my idea of a one way thing. So, Justin, thanks but no thanks. Don’t call me.

It could be worse. A friend showed me copies of the ridiculous ISIS propaganda that the Cons are delivering in the mail. It looks more American every day, which shouldn’t be surprising considering the PC Party went to the American Style of Ambush Stupid Bought and Paid For Elections the Republican party taught them. For good measure, they’ve just brought in a crocodile from Australia to help right the ship. Stephen, you really need to learn that talking points are just that; you remind me of the band playing on on The Titanic while it sank, because that was noble. Except what you’re doing is just playing on, oblivious, with nary a wisp of nobility in sight.

Mulcair made me laugh the hardest, though. Saw an ad on TV last night where at the end, he proudly declares himself ‘ready’. I know it’s a response the the Cons calling Justin ‘not ready’ but a grown man standing there announcing, “I’m ready” just smacks of a little kid in kindergarten finishing his macaroni picture first.

The hell, people.

Oh, and just to cheer you all up, this is totally awesome. It’s just a short little video. Of bears.

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Labour Day should always be late. I like the bonus week.

I really need to quit Twitter as we head into elections. After having no WiFi most of the time I’ve escaped to the cottage, it’s like, let’s catch up! Only, no. I should probably shut up. Except. Cranky about Harper’s cold, cold response to the refugee crisis, I flew out a tweet last night. Someone decides my take is, of course, wrong, and in response hauls in some other (I’m assuming) like-minded/wrong-minded follower of his with the simple addition of ‘no words’. Well, please. No words? Piss off. Dragging in an unrelated person to a conversation in some version of a tweet bomb always makes me roll my eyes, but adding ‘no words’ when you *obviously* are thinking some words is lame.

So what else in this stupid world of ours? Tons of people hauling their kids out of school. Sure. I’ve already gone there but I surely feel the need to go there again. What the hell is wrong with people? As certain as you are that your child doesn’t need this education is precisely the certainty that I have that your child is the one who needs it most. That wasn’t a very elegant sentence, but you know what I mean. It’s been a long day.

Oh, wanna see something sweet? Of course you do. Ari is commuting this year and he let me take this yesterday:
ari resized
Kids that let you carry on traditions: priceless.

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…and, we’re out of cat food

I am getting braver – or more cowardly, perhaps – in dealing with people knocking on my door.

I’m sitting here trying to work. I’ve had the roof done (Note: if you need a new roof, call Desi’s in Burlington. I can’t say enough great things about them) but that means it’s been banging and thumping and other general roofing noises going on for two days. I can’t work. I thought I’d be able to sit here all normal-like drinking tea and snapping deadlines except, that’s not what happened. Do you know they use nails to do roofs? Lots and lots of nails?

Of course I knew that, but for some reason I thought it would be hardly more than a bunch of guys putting sticky notes up there. I’m all the way down here; they’re all the way up there. They started a few minutes before 8 and two of the kids had been out karaoke-ing and drinking the night before and were hungover, so that was pretty funny if you weren’t one of those two kids, and I wasn’t. I kept doing stupid things like walking out the front door and having one of them yell up “whoa!” because I forgot there is a constant rain of things that come down when you roof. I now think ‘whoa’ actually means ‘stupid homeowner alert’.

But I got no work done, so this morning has to count. And just now I hear a tentative knock, and before I realized what I was doing I headed to the door. I have a glass panel in my door (it’s this tacky stained glass rose that my Mother looooooooved and because I love her it’s still there, but, really, tacky) and I could see it was people drummin’ up business for the lord. It’s just like driveway sealers who knock and say, “we were just doing business at your neighbour’s and we have some of this gooey stuff leftover and we’ll give you a great deal” and I always say no thank you. I know my JWs were just doing business in my neighbourhood and I know they have gooey stuff left over because nobody in my neighbourhood needs their religious needs attended to on their front steps.

What I don’t get is that the driveway sealers can at least look at my driveway and know it probably does need sealing. The dude who tried to sell me a new front porch could see with his own eyes that yeah, a new porch is on the list. Does this mean the JWs can see into my dark heart and know it needs refurbishing? I thought if god is your light and all, you should be assuming the best in people, not just figuring they need their driveway sealed.

Maybe next time I’ll invite them in and give them some tips.

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