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Not much to say. These cars really don't have a bad angle. You're not supposed to take pics with the glare on the windshield, but when you're standing up in a convertible facing backwards to get the full feeling of the glorious scenery, you sometimes get some glare. Don't try this at home. I drove everyone nuts looking for a cowboy. Come on, I'm in Alberta and I'm not going to look for a cowboy? As I was scouring farms everywhere, I thought I'd be going home disappointed. Until. On the final leg to the airport, we pulled in to grab a coffee. I walked into the shop, and there was a guy in a cowboy hat. Because I am quite shy, I walked up to him and said 'are you a real cowboy?' He said he was. And came outside for pics with his pickup truck. Turns out he runs a huge horse operation, and invited us over. We had a plane to catch. In the town of Banff, the Banff Springs Hotel was a glorious lunch stop. There is a guy at the front door who keeps an eye on things, like making sure people don't climb the bronze statue out front. I bribed him by taking his picture in the Mercedes (I did email it to him later) and he pretended not to see me climb up on the horse. With the cowboy. I know it's a soldier.  I know it's fake. Shhh. It's my little dream.
After awhile, you start to take things like this for granted. Up close, you can really appreciate the majesty of these beasts. They rule in these parts; cars are the intruders, and you slow down until creatures decide to clear the road. They take their time. This old bear rambled right onto the road in front of us. I could have reached out and touched him. I did not. But get this: some moron in an RV actually got out - and got his kids out – to get a closer look. Like it's some kind of petting zoo. The kids were small; appetizer size, now that I think of it. A guy on a motorcycle was looking to get the heck out of there. Wise thought. Willy Williamson and Russ Bond. When these two show up, you never know how the trip is going to go. They give new meaning to the title Mad Men. I forgot to ask if they got nailed by the speed cameras in Calgary. It is very dangerous to drive and snap pictures in this manner. I have no idea who that is. No idea at all. Not at all.
Now, these, these are amazing. Big horned sheep, and those horns are outrageous. Ornery things, too. They act as if we're driving through their living rooms or something. Oh. Yeah. These little buggers are cute. You can see the babies in there. They were all crowded down to the road, until Daddy here decided to have a chat with a bunch of Mercedes.