From time to time I embark on an adventure – mostly into areas that push me out of my comfort zone. Considering my comfort zone is comprised of sitting in my kitchen at the computer with a cat on my lap, it’s not far to go beyond it.

Living these moments is awesome.

I thank the editors who make it possible, my long-suffering Webgod Jeff at SlypigPro who makes it into a show-and-tell for you guys, and my family for pretending they miss me when I’m away.

Lorraine takes fabulous pictures courtesy of some help from Olympus Cameras and Lenses

Blasting The Alps In A Mini

I love when people ask if a car like a Mini can be any good in the snow. You know what? All you need are some winter tires, some good technique and some practice, oh, and an Austrian alp…

Alligators & Apple Pie: Welcome To West Palm Beach Raceway

Mercedes AMGs and alligators – West Palm Beach Race Track will definitely keep your attention.

Fiat 500 In New York

If you’re a city dweller, here is a car you will never have to endlessly circle the block trying to park. The Fiat is a perfect city car, and New York City is the perfect place to test it.

Key West

Memorable launch of the 2011 Kia Optima Turbo on a one-of-a-kind drive – all the way to Key West.


The launch of the new 2012 Mercedes SLK 350 convertibles called for an extraordinary drive – so off to Alberta we went, trailing through the gorgeous Banff National Park.

James Bay Or Bust

The goal? To recreate a trip up the James Bay Road The Star Wheels crew made with the first Toyota Prius (and a Porsche Cayenne for company).

The Land Rover Adventure Part II: Colorado

A tiny private plane deposits you, with high winds and a haphazard landing, in Telluride, Colorado. Those mountains you can see? By the next day you will be in them, though you can see no road from the air.

No road. Now you’re in Land Rover country. Conquering Black Bear Pass, and forgetting to buy a T-shirt. Oops.

The RV Adventure Part III: Nova Scotia

Follow the Lighthouse Trail…spent a glorious week in Nova Scotia trekking around in a brand spanky new RV. From deep sea fishing to tidal bore rafting, from turtle hunting in the depths of a national forest, to hauling cod and lobster from the ocean and eating the best seafood in the world. The people of Nova Scotia are outstanding, and their province will take your breath away.

The Mercedes E Class Cabriolet Adventure

‘Palma de Mallorca, Spain’, said the invite. I looked out my frosty window, looked a map of the Mediterranean coast of Spain, packed a carry-on and thanked my editor for finally sending me somewhere that the only ice was in the drinks.

The Smart Car Winter Expedition

Drive a Smart Car to the Arctic Circle in January. Crazy as it sounds? Nope. Crazier. I drove the first leg, from Kelowna B.C. to Whitehorse, in the Yukon. I last left the Yukon in an RV. This outstanding journey was a once in a lifetime opportunity; this tiny Smart Car was a revelation.

The RV Adventure Part II: The Yukon

Told you I’d seize the chance to GO RVing again…and when GO RVing Canada called, I was in.

I flew to Whitehorse, Yukon and met up with my good, brave friend Melissa Weber. We followed a route through the Yukon and Alaska, sampling the most amazing things this part of the country has to offer. And she really was brave: I called her with only two weeks notice, and told her the only information I had: “Yukon. RV. July 26. One Week.” Her response? “Yes.”

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Take a Ride With a Superbike Champion

Isn’t that on everyone’s Bucket List? Well, it wasn’t on mine, but I highly recommend it.
Many thanks to Scott Rupert and the Southern Ontario Association of Racing for making it happen.


The Porsche International Road Show

Spend the day at Mosport, testing every Porsche. Extraordinary. Hop back in your minivan to drive home. Oh, well….


Rolls-Royce Adventure

“How would you like to go to San Francisco to drive the new Rolls-Royce Phantom?”
“Yes, please.”
“Would you, uhm, like to check your calendar first?”

Sometimes it’s that easy.

The RV Adventure: Cape Breton Island

Your kids will get to a certain age where they’re just too old to haul along on holiday with you. My kids are already too old, but we didn’t let that stop us. Ten days, 4500 kilometres, from Burlington to the tip of Cape Breton Island. What a country we live in.

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Skid School

The best thing to do with a 16-year-old boy with a total of an hour of driving under his belt? Get him into skid school, of course. Before Christopher even got to Driver’s Ed, I figured Ian Law and his crew of professional racing drivers could teach him great techniques before he adopted all of my bad ones. I’m not sure who learned more – me or the kid.


All Hat

As a writer, you see all your words as a constant visual in your head. When Brad Smith began the process of having his novel, All Hat, being made into a film, I got to tag along to be part of the process. Getting to be an extra in a movie from a book I love? Never better.


Sweden: Iron and Ice 2008

If Volvo offers to whisk you to Sweden and Norway to test two of their new cars, you grab your passport and run. Three plane rides later (I sense a theme here), I was north of the Arctic Circle watching the sun struggle to stay out for 7 hours a day, flying down narrow roads on studded tires with fjords to one side and herds of reindeer to the other.


Argentina: Road to the Clouds 2007

I wasn’t sure what a junket was, until my Wheels editor at the Toronto Star decided I should find out. Three plane rides later, I found myself in the middle of nowhere, with a parade of very cool Land Rover Discoverys all lined up and waiting. Northwest Argentina, with more donkeys and alpacas than people, and me driving a Discovery 16,000 feet up a mountain.

The Pain Diaries

This started as a goof. The letter I fired off to Craig Davidson was pretty typical of me: Do first, think later. I had no intention of ever, ever boxing anyone. Anytime, anywhere. Ever. Then when it came down to putting my money where my mouth was, I had no choice.


The long, cold highway north