Welcome to my world!

I’m Lorraine Sommerfeld. I write about things. I write Motherlode on Mondays for the Hamilton Spectator in the Living section. I’ve been writing an automotive column for 10 years, and I’m pleased to now be part of the National Post’s drive team.

I’m the host of Lemon-Aid Car Show, now in my sixth season. Produced by the APA, we appear on CHCHTV and Bloomberg TV Canada. We’ll be covering all kinds of topics related to cars and driving, and we take your questions by phone and email! Watch past shows on Youtube.

For all the rest, go to my blog. Please. Feel free to comment. I work very hard to make this website fun. Webgod Jeff works even harder to make it look good. Noodle around: the Adventures are a hoot, or Blame it on Lorraine, if you like.

I’ve been doing this since 2003. If you want the whole story, book me to talk at your event. I am an inspiration. Or something.