Welcome to my world!

I’m Lorraine Sommerfeld. I write about things. I write Motherlode on Mondays for the Hamilton Spectator in the Living section. I’ve been writing an automotive column for 8 years, and I’m pleased to now be part of the National Post’s drive team.

I’m the host of Rogers TV’s Lemon-Aid Car Show, now in my third season. Join me live every Tuesday night at 9pm in the Toronto area on Rogers TV Cable 10/63 in Toronto/Scarborough. We’ll be covering all kinds of topics related to cars and driving, and it’s a live phone in so you can play too.

For all the rest, go to my blog. Please. Feel free to comment. I work very hard to make this website fun. Webgod Jeff works even harder to make it look good. Noodle around: the Adventures are a hoot, or Blame it on Lorraine, if you like.

I’ve been doing this since 2003. If you want the whole story, book me to talk at your event. I am an inspiration. Or something.